When applying to the Cormier Honors College (CHC), I was a little worried that the work would be more difficult and that the professors would be harder because of the Honors status; but that is not the case. It was later explained to me that honors classes at Longwood don’t have harder work, but different work.

This past year I have taken two honors courses: Citizen 110 and Human Growth and Development. Both have offered different learning opportunities which I have found unique to the CHC.

Starting classes at Longwood in Fall 2018 was a very stressful time for me because I was so nervous. I was afraid that the classes would be too hard and that I would not do well, but I did. I finished both semesters of my freshman year on the President’s List which I am very proud of. I am so thankful to all of my professors for pushing me to do my best.

The President’s List! Fall 2018