Project Phase One: Individual Report

Project Phase One: Individual Report

Sensory play is an important aspect in a child’s development that can assist with social interaction, fine and gross motor skills, and language development to name a few. My project proposal for the Family Engagement Project is a lava-lamp sensory bag. This activity requires minimal supplies and allows children to have hands-on feeling for an object they usually cannot touch.


  • 1-gallon sized plastic bag
  • Baby oil or cooking oil
  • Neon watercolor paint
  • Clear packing tape


  1. Open the gallon sized plastic bag
  2. Begin filling the bag 1/3 of the way full with the oil of your choice
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons of neon watercolor paint
  4. Close the opening of the bag carefully squeezing out any excess air
  5. Now, secure the bag with packing tape to prevent any leakage
  6. Turn off the lights and squish, shake, and play with your new lava lamp!
  7. Repeat as needed for as many sensory bags as you would like

This activity helps kids develop gross motor skills by practicing their color recognition while also serving as an intro to the science of liquids.


When playtime is over, you may want to throw away the sensory bag. If it is left for too long the oil will begin to seep through the plastic bag.

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