This is an ANOVA ran comparing Longwood University’s new social distancing policy and student attitudes towards that change. Students were asked if they knew of someone who had attended a social event of 50 or more people who were not actively social distancing of the fall 2o2o semester. They were also asked to rank how beneficial they believe Longwood’s changes in policy are on campus on a scale of 0-10 with 0= Not at all and 10= Extremely beneficial. The mean score of knowing someone who has broken policy was 5.93, while the mean score of knowing someone who has not broken policy was 6.91. When the ANOVA was run, there was an F-value found of 8.77 ***. According to this value, there was a significant difference found at the .001 alpha level between Longwood University’s changes in COVID-19 policy and the knowledge of someone who has broken the new policies.