Who I am Today – All About Me

Throughout my college career I have been placed with many opportunities and leadership roles that have helped shaped my future visions. At the age of eighteen I had a flawless five year plan that mapped out everything I wanted to accomplish within this amount of time; however, life had different plans of leading me where I am today. The leadership roles and academic journey that have brought me to the point in my life where I am have shaped me into the citizen leader I want to continue to be throughout my future endeavors. I began college as a freshmen who thought I could conquer the world in four short years. When I entered college, I attended a different university and I thought that I had positioned myself for a perfect future; however, I never knew how much I was missing until I transferred to Longwood. It was not until I began Longwood did I see the potential in myself for everything that was about to come my way.

The transition to college is one that can be extremely difficult in finding oneself, sense of purpose for present and future goals, and generating plans for what that lies ahead. Transferring from one university to another might not be the ideal plan, but for me it was the best decision I could have made. Deciding to leave my comfort zone is the exact place I found myself. The decisions I have made that have lead me to where I am could not have been accomplished without taking a leap of faith and opening new doors. As I think about who I am today and the journey I took to get here I cannot help, but reflect upon leadership roles and experiences I have encountered. When I entered my first university I felt like a small fish in a big pond, I felt that I could never find myself, I could never stand above the crowd, I could not possibly be someone everyone knew. Immediately entering my freshman year, I did not get involved and felt defeated that what I thought I wanted out of college was diminished within the first month of being in college. It was then, in that moment, I knew the only way I could change was simply by changing myself. I opened a new door, closed the old, and never looked back.

I entered Longwood eager for new opportunities that would follow within the next three years, but never did I imagine I would be where I am today. I wanted a place I could call home and I wanted a place where I would be pushed and expected to be nothing less than the best I could be. Longwood was where I left my comfort zone and begin working on becoming the best version of myself. Longwood is where I left my comfort zone and found myself. Upon entering Longwood, I immediately took interest in clubs and organizations on campus making my place known and letting myself stand out…not sit down. I joined a sorority my second semester in college and from that point forward my vision of myself as an individual and as a leader became clear. I found myself stepping up to any opportunities that came my way. I took a leadership position within my sorority immediately following the semester I joined. This past summer, I worked on campus as a Summer and Events Conference Associate working on Longwood’s campus helping the school community. Throughout my journey I have encountered many opportunities and leadership roles that placed me far from where my eighteen year-old-self imagined I would be, but exactly where I never knew I needed to be.



I am a responsible college student with a 3.55 GPA. I am currently majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in Leadership Studies. Throughout my academic career, I have worked hard to provide myself with leadership roles on campus to serve the Longwood community. I currently serve on executive board for my sorority on campus. This leadership role has prepared me for qualifying communication skills within a professional setting and a strong work ethic in meeting goals, dates, and needs of those around me. While focusing on academic and extracurricular projects, I have developed adaptability skills, organizational management, communication skills, and creative thinking, which I hope to leverage in working within the Higher Education setting.

I have recently decided to switch to Higher Education for my future career and see this position as the ideal opportunity to contribute the skills I am developing from my academic studies. I would value and honor the position of working in your office and feel that I would be a strong assist to the team through my strong work ethic, communication skills, and other qualifications. I look forward to elaborating on how my skills and abilities will benefit the Higher Education community.


Previously I was enrolled in education classes through the teacher preparation program, these classes emerged me into the classroom setting and allowed me to determine that the ideal career path that I thought I wanted to pursue was not indeed where my future lied. Through this extensive coursework and experience within the academic field the future was clear that I would not see myself in the classroom setting. It was through these intensive educational courses that I found a different career path that I quickly became passionate about. These intense, extensive educational courses showed me that if you do not love something, it is not for you. That semester I learned more about myself and learned that the only person who has the power to change the future is … myself. As I began to find myself and find the road I wanted to travel to finish my undergraduate work I began leaning towards leadership tendencies. It was here that I realized my potential in the minor of leadership studies. I enrolled in my leadership studies courses and never looked back. I have intensely taken on this minor to finish within a two semester grace period. These courses allow myself to think critically and in depth on being a leader, what a leader is, leadership styles, and challenge my intellectual abilities in and outside the classroom.  The classes I am studying will transform me into an educated leader with different perspective and insights. Moreover, these courses allow me to examine myself as a leader and where I see my potential leadership abilities in the future. Through these courses I have gained greater insight on who I am and where I see myself. Life does not always go according to plan, but the journey in which each individual takes is leading them to where they are suppose to be. The courses I thought would help me to solidify the fact of being a teacher only made me question my whole future, but this is where I began to see my future in a different perspective. The courses I am in now, which I never imagined I would be taking, allow me to see a clear representation of what I want to do and where I want to be. Although my courses now are relevant to what I want to do, it is only because of my past courses that I can say I am where I need to be. The courses I took, the educational journey I have traveled, have lead me to the relevant courses I am immersed in now.

Relevant Courses Currently Enrolled In

  • Leadership Studies 120
  • Political Science 394
  • Management 362

Previous Courses Enrolled In

  • Education 310
  • Education 361
  • Education 261