Major Change – In Life and In College

Stepping back and reflecting upon my last year, many changes have emerged from what I thought I wanted to do and what I was meant to do. A major change, literally, took place for me as I decided I no longer wanted to peruse my life-long goal of becoming a teacher. As I reflect back I realized this idea of wanting to “be teacher” was just an idea. After self-discovery and reflection I came across the field of Higher Education Student Affairs. I fell in love with this field as soon as I began to immerse myself more into what it was. A current article from Northeastern University states that  “employment is expected to increase 10 percent by 2026—faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” The trends in this field are on a constant rise and I never realized the opportunities that stemmed from upholding a Master’s Degree. Moreover, the article relates to the basic skill sets needed to be successful in the field which include: ability to communicate, teamwork, mission-driven, and net-working know how.

Working in Higher Education: Careers, Trends, and Must-Have Skills