Professional Report

The Professional report was a very large project that took weeks of work and research. Throughout the completion of the project, I enjoyed the challenges that the Professional Report brought on and I was able to work with the same partner as before. During this report, we were tasked with evaluating websites through the lens of a consulting firm. I enjoyed having my own consulting firm for the class and collaborating with my partner the most. The report had many different pages to it and we also had to share our findings in a presentation on our report. The section that was the most challenging was the analysis of the websites we chose to review. Some websites had lots of information to deliberate on and that made doing the analysis of ease of navigation, visual appeals, and content easier. Other websites did not have a bevy of information. For the front matter of the report, it was a test of patience as one wrong click could change the formatting that takes some time to get into place. This project allowed me to practice writing extensive professional documents that are intended for clients. When we picked a topic to talk about I offered the idea of choosing something we are passionate about so that it was easier to write more in the recommendations and conclusion. This project put every team member to the test and it showcased our resilience and virute.