Press Release

The press release was constructed along with the brochure. In this project employing the AIDA method was critical. The Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action portion of the report had to come with the Eight C’s of professional writing. The Eight C’s are clear, concise, concrete, complete, courteous, coherent, and constructive. With the Eight C’s in mind, the group was able to come up with a product idea and description. The Ninth C, which is creativity, came in the form of the names of the people reviewing the product and the company. Along with creating a product we created a company, slogan, logo, and letterhead so our documents could look as professional as possible. This project was another example of collaboration with my partner. My peer is familiar with writing press releases as it is a part of their major and was eager to complete this portion of the assignment. I was able to be a second eye and voice of encouragement as we submitted the document below.