The brochure required a great amount of patience to complete. There were many formatting issues that I became aware of so the document turned out the way the team intended. This project was one of the two projects that the class did with a partner. The collaboration with another member of the class was exciting because it gave me an opportunity to exchange ideas and practice oral communication. My partner was terrific to work with and outside of the project I was able to improve my communication skills and teamwork. I enjoyed making this project because there was an element of creativity that I was able to showcase. My partner and I agreed to take charge of different portions of this project and given my background with Microsoft Office Suite I was eager to do the brochure. When it came time to meet with my partner the extra set of eyes really helped me catch my mistakes and correct them. The validation of my skills from my teammate gave me the confidence to finish and submit the project you see below. The textbook was a great resource for brochure examples and Microsoft offered wonderful templates. The marketing background that our team had shined when coming up with the plain English the company would produce to address our target audience.