Summer Bridge Reflection

One of the biggest transitions of my life was made into one the best experiences of my life. While moving into college and leaving the very next morning was stressful I was still excited for the time ahead. There were a few adversities along the way such as the bus breaking down (or two…) and the rough kitchen clean-up duty, but the surrounding environment and wonderful people overpowered those character building moments. The bridge challenged the cohort to work together in several different types of situations such as research, projects, and problem solving. This set up a strong connection for us to build on and learn from each other’s strengths. The group also got the special opportunity to get to know our professors on a more personal level which personally makes me feel more open with my problems and concerns. The teachers made an effort to work with us so we as students would get the most we could out the learning experience. The bridge was so great in so many ways but another aspect that really stood out to me was the knowledge about the Chesapeake Bay that I gained through this experience. Knowledge is power when it comes to the college community, I love the idea of using my influence on my peers for good. This information gives me purpose in my everyday life through just being more conscious of my personal effects on the environment, so I can become more productive towards our goal to make the Bay healthier.

Then as we came back and got settled into Longwood, the cohort was instantly surrounded by 100 more likeminded students. This once again reminded me why I chose Longwood, it was not an overwhelming number of students and everyone had the opportunity to be involved and engaged. Meeting all these new people was such a great experience because everyone was so friendly. There has never been a time where I have not felt at home and that is what I truly thankful for. Go Wood!!!