My name is Davice Madelyn Jones, and my major is Biology.


I went to Chatham High School in southern Virginia. I have lived in Chatham, Virginia my whole life, well until I moved to Farmville. I am very adventurous, outgoing, and I love to be outside enjoying good weather. (Winter sucks try and prove me wrong) Most people describe my personality as bubbly, extroverted, and inquisitive. I have one biological older brother and one step-sister. I have a fish named Francesco and two snails named Lilliana and Stefano.

Freshman year:

Entering Longwood I am officially apart of the Cormier Honors college and LIFESTEM scholars program. Obviously, I was nervous for my first semester and it did have multiple twists and turns but I excelled at during this time. I found it hard to fit in sometimes because I am no division one athlete and sorority life has never interested me. However, I began to find myself in my school work and pride myself in doing the absolute best that I could.