Integrative Biology 120 50

Freshman year, fall 2019:

Honestly this class, Honors Biology 120, Integrative Biology, intimidated me at first. I knew that I did not excel in this class that I would be in big trouble as I am a biology major. Although as the semester moved on I realized I started to remember why I became a biology major. I was fully immersed in the class as the the subjects became more and more intriguing, while it was an intro class I still was able to absorb the basic processes that are the fundamentals of life.

Sometimes in high school I was not able to fully understand the information that I was being taught, as I thought there were important things my ninth grade year. However, now in college I found it easier to absorb the information to the fullest extent. While this class was overflowing with information, by the end of the semester I was able to connect and string together the similarities and patterns. From this class I gained the ability to see the bigger picture in context to even the smallest of details. I also gained more intellect on how to read and analyze scientific papers, being able to comprehend the sometimes difficult scientific language used is very rewarding in my intended career path.

The work was at times tough, but everything worth while is never easy. I really enjoyed how we were given the opportunity to correct our mistake on papers because while being taught something does help implement practices, practice always makes perfect. Seeing my mistakes and putting work into fixing them to the best of my ability was far more beneficial than just being told I was wrong and that is that. I thoroughly enjoyed the group presentations because it gave me the opportunity to learn and work with others which I feel that working together is often the most productive route.

Click here for my artifact from this class, this was the final group presentation.