For the Bad News Letter, I learned how to use the appropriate language when giving bad news and understand how letter’s like this need to be formatted. The requirements for this assignment were: Letter/memo correctly formatted, nod gets common ground, the audience is clear, next paragraph states what is being asked for, gives details so read can intuit a refusal, does not say ‘no’ in any way (refusal is implicit, offers a reasonable alternative (much less than requested), closing is constructive, writing applies the Eight C’s of good professional communication. I tried to the best of my abilities to create a letter that met these requirements and produce a letter that would work as a professional letter. And for the Persuasive Letter, I learned how to pay attention to the audience and how to best format a letter for a specific audience. We were graded on our effective persuasive technique, proper business formatting, and good professional writing (the Eight C’s). This assignment also gave me the chance to understand the best language and how to create a clear opening and closing statement while focusing on persuasive technique and language.