SHLS Hearing Aids and Client Support

Part-Time, Fall & Spring

  • Order hearing aids and track warranties
  • Assist office staff in scheduling audiology follow-up appointments and reminding patients of future appointments
  • Track requests for audiology records from other facilities
  • Create patient records in audiology software
  • Track VDDHH-TAP supplies
  • Track CDDHH-TAP and HEAR Now Program applications, approvals, and documentation
  • Receive and process all hearing aids (verifying all contents, comparing with purchase order and client records, informing the client)
  • Prepare all hearing aids and accessories for shipping

If you have questions, contact Dr. Mani Aguilar,, 434.395.2341

Standard Part-Time Academic Assistant
College of Education & Human Services – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Funding Source:  Speech, Hearing and Learning Services (SHLS)
Status:  FILLED

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