Overall, English 470 has taught me very valuable skills. It has helped me perfect my grammar with the Eight “C”s and it has taught me how to write useful information with CRAP. It has taught me how to be persuasive and captivating with AIDA and how to fit rhetorical situations. I have learned how to analyze different situations and use them to my advantage. Plain English principles were used throughout every assignment and were constantly growing. Presentations were conducted to help practice oral communication skills and collaborative projects helped me to work with others productively. I am very grateful for the opportunities this class has given me to grow as a student and as a writer. It will allow me to have more skills when applying for jobs, emailing potential employers, creating memos, releasing information, and more. Most importantly, this class has taught me that understanding these documents can take you a long way. It can help me in other college classes, but it can also help me in my career.