Brochure & Flyer

This assignment is one of the pieces that English 470 focused on most towards the end of the semester. My partners Payten Bovat, Amber Thomas, and myself created a brochure and flyer for FitFridge. This was an invention that we came up with to showcase. We used AIDA and CRAP (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity) to ensure that the documents were informal and successful. Our brochure starts off by grabbing the attention of its audiences and then creates interest by explaining more on what it is. We created desire and action through discussing FitFridge’s goals and mission statement. We also added customer reviews to motivate buyers even more. We followed a similar pattern with the flyer. We had a captivating image that was big on the front, but we also focused on why getting a FitFridge would be beneficial to the buyers. This assignment helped me to create eye catching visuals that go beyond a standard letter or memo. They helped to show how even advertising uses professional writing skills.