Honors Courses

HON EDUC 245-50

As one of my first honors class at Longwood, I had the honor of taking Educ 245. It is a requirement for my major, but I think that I would have loved taking it even if it was not a major requirement.¬† At first, I did not like this class because it was on a Tuesday night for almost three hours. However, once I started learning about human growth and development, I started to love this class. Alex Martelli¬† made it very memorable and made me excited to learn. I think that I will definitely be able to take the knowledge I learned in this class and apply it to not only my future career as a nurse, but in every day life. The artifact that I chose to include is a paper that I had to complete at the end of the year, called “The Three Ages Paper”. For this project, I was required to observe the behaviors of three different aged children and discover the different cognitive, physical, and social-emotional statuses of each age group. In completing this paper, I was able to truly get a grasp on the concepts the class was able to portray. I not only enjoyed completing it, but learned a lot in the process, too.


HON CTZN 110-50

For my citizen course, I took Bodies and Citizens with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell. I enjoyed the class and being able to learn about how citizen’s bodies has affected them and their roles in society throughout time. A lot of the things that we discussed were concepts that I had not really thought about before. It was good to see things in a new and different light. I feel as if in our society, we only worry about ourselves and do not really look at what other people are going through, so it was good to be able to become aware of outside things that might not necessarily pertain to me. The artifact that I chose to include was my final project video. For our final, we had to choose a group of citizens who are discriminated against in society and create a lesson plan/class unit that could be used in our Bodies and Citizens class. In doing this project, I learned a lot about people with disabilities and I will be able to take everything I learned from this class and apply it to my every day life.



HON ART 155-50

This class was focused on the basic principles of black and white photography. During this course, I not only learned how to take pictures on a 35mm film camera, but also how to develop that film once I was done taking the pictures. Furthermore, I learned how to print pictures from that film. This was a very fun class for me because I have always heard my grandparents talking about when they would develop film, but now I was able to experience it myself. I have to admit, the first couple of weeks was very difficult because a lot of new processes were being explained, but after a lot of trial runs, I was able to get the hang of it. In fact, I ended up loving the class. The artifact that I chose to include is a photo of one of the photos I ended up taking during this class. It is a picture of my family. I found through various nature and portrait assignments that I enjoy taking photos of people the most. In particular, I love staged photos of my family.  This photo is probably my favorite photo I took the entire length of my time in this class.