Freshman Year:

In high school, I took many dual enrollment and advanced placement classes that teachers and counselors claim will prepare you for college. However, I do not think anything can ever truly prepare you for it. You just have to come in with a positive attitude and give it your all. That is exactly what I did during my freshman year. I struggled at first academically to get used to the way that college professors graded and what they expected of me, but I ended up making Dean’s List! I am beyond proud of myself for this. Second semester was a little harder than first but I expect that to be true for every semester here on out because I will be getting into much higher level courses.

One of the main things that I will continue working on for future semesters is procrastination, time management, and taking advantage of the resources available. I have always been a procrastinator, but I plan on learning to manage my time better and get things done in advance. Also, I plan on using my resources around campus much more. For example, the Writing Center, student tutors, teacher office hours, the library, etc.