My name is Isabella Corbo. I am a senior at Longwood University. I am majoring in English Literature with a minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. My minor is most recent, as I picked it up in the spring of 2018. After graduation I hope to become a paralegal. I think that this profession would be most interesting and this summer I will be able to learn more about the law through my internship. During my internship I will be writing articles for a law firm in South Carolina. I think that this internship will help me find a preference for what type of law I would like to work with as a paralegal.

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to show the various writing skills that I have learned throughout my time in the English 470 class. I have been able to complete various course outcomes through these assignments: correspondence, brochure, press release, and the formal report.

These assignments helped improve my understanding of writing professionally and communicating effectively with the people I work with. I have learned how to format documents, research and write effectively, and work with others.

Listed below are the course learning outcomes of the English 470 class that I will connect to the assignments listed above.

  1. Analyze and produce writing genres commonly found in the professional world (e.g., business, gov., media);
  2. Create professional documents that use plain English (clear, concise, and grammatically correct);
  3. Conduct research to create content for a variety of professional documents (memos, letters, reports, etc.);
  4. Create professional documents that uses design–standard formats, layouts, use of graphics, etc.
  5. Practice oral communication skills to present content effectively (enhanced with multimedia tools);
  6. Participate productively in collaborative projects