In all truthfulness, I came to ENGL 470 with initial fears and distaste for the class. While I loved fictional literature, I feared professional writing. I was expecting this class to be extremely hard and therefore felt unenthusiastic about the class. However, I can proudly say that this class has be a joy. I have learned so much–and I will be keeping the textbook for future references. Prior to this class, I had no idea what plain English was, I had no idea how to use the 8 C’s, and I certainly had no idea how to craft a memo, professional presentation, or professional report. I am excited to apply my new professional writing skills to my future academic and professional career. Recently, I was hired as the new graduate assistant for the Graduate Writing Center. I feel like much of this course’s context can assist me in that job. I start in the fall of 2022, so I am not entirely sure of all of my responsibilities, but I do know that I have to read over professional papers as well as be proficient in APA formatting. I am confident that my familiarity with plain English as well as my experience with crafting bad news writing will serve me. When I eventually move into my career as an SLP, I will be reliant on the information I learned in this class. Although my therapy notes do not follow a professional format, I will still use plain English in my career. For example, when delivering insurance/billing information, I will have to use professional writing. I will also need to use plain English when communicating with clients and employers. Overall, this course has eased my initial fears of professional writing. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful professor as well.

Thank you Dr. Guler!