Self-Care Plan

Self-Care Plan: Outline a plan with at least 10 strategies you will actively employ to “survive and thrive” (maintain/enhance) your physical/psychological health as a counseling graduate student/counseling professional (2 pp. max). (4 pts)

  1. Practice Mindfulness- I will practice mindfulness by taking quiet moments to relax and reflect on how I am feeling. I will practice deep breathing exercises as well.
  2. Affirmations- In order to keep a positive mindset I will say positive affirmations to myself, and will write encouraging affirmations in my planner that I will look at everyday.
  3. Yoga- I love to do yoga to help me stay physically and mentally happy. I take out my yoga mat, yoga block, and foam roller and often follow along to a guided yoga video on Youtube.
  4. Weighted Hula Hoop- I use a weighted hula hoop to maintain my physical health when I do not feel like exercising. It is easy to put on a Netflix show while I hula hoop in order for me to get some exercising in for the day.
  5. Plan Meals- Planning healthy meals ahead will ensure I am not consistently eating fast food or unhealthy microwavable frozen meals. Eating healthy helps maintain my physical and mental health.
  6. Journaling- Journaling helps me understand my feelings, think through any tough situations, and set goals. I enjoy doing this at night before bed to help me winddown and be mindful of the day I’ve had.
  7. Good Night’s Sleep- I will strive to go to bed at a reasonable time in order to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go for the day ahead of me.
  8. CAPS- I will go to the school’s free counseling services to ensure my mental health remains a top priority.
  9. Good Hygiene- I will practice good hygiene to make sure I am keeping good care of my body.
  10. Stay Healthy- I will make sure to go to the doctor if I feel sick and will not put myself in possible unhealthy situations where I could contract COVID-19 or other illnesses.