Position Statement 1

In what capacity do you see yourself using your degree in counseling and what factors played a role in your professional goal as of this moment? (1-2 pgs. max)

            I currently see myself using my degree in counseling as a child counselor. I would like to work out of a private practice that serves elementary to middle school aged children. On a day to day basis I would use play therapy as a main counseling technique. I want to offer a safe place where children and their families feel comfortable talking about their feelings and opening up about any life struggles. I want children to have a positive counseling experience when they are younger so that they are never afraid to seek professional help later in life.

            A variety of different factors influenced my current professional goal. Firstly, I have always wanted to work with children and have enjoyed my time working with them in the past. Secondly, I want to help people. I found child counseling to be the profession that aligns the most with what I can see myself enjoying and being good at in my future. It has always been easy for me to connect with children, and I think my personality is well suited for this type of job. I also had a positive counseling experience as a young child which has inspired my professional goal as well. Moreover, mental health is a very important topic for me. I have been around mental illness my entire life, whether it be a family member’s or a personal experience. Fostering good mental health habits from a young age equips children with the tools needed to succeed later in life.