Professional Narrative

A Person as a Professional Narrative outlining (1) your personal skills and experiences helpful in becoming a counselor (what do you bring to our profession/how do these qualities or experiences relate to effective counseling practice) and (2) personal challenges or limitations related to becoming a counselor (what do you need to work on to be an effective counselor/the strategies you will employ to overcome limitations).

As I continue to develop my professional narrative, I remain reflective on my personal qualities and skills that are necessary in an effective counseling practice. I am an empathetic and compassionate individual who has always had a desire to help others. My main goal in life is to spread kindness, which is an important aspect in creating a safe space for clients to feel comfortable in. My experiences working with children through a child care program and babysitting opportunities, along with my own time in counseling as a child, have shaped my career goal of becoming a child counselor. It has always been easy for me to connect with children, and it is something I genuinely enjoy.

Moreover, throughout my college career I have interacted with a variety of different people in different settings and have developed great interpersonal skills. During my time as Vice President of Member Experience in Alpha Gamma Delta, I consistently organized small groups of members called “Sisterhood Circles” where we would reflect on the fraternity’s Purpose along with exploring our own personal values and goals on a deeper level. Having the opportunity to guide and motivate these small groups of women built my confidence in my own personal qualities and skills that are also inherent in the counseling profession. My interactive experiences continue to expand as the duties of my Graduate Assistantship position in Longwood’s Career Services consist of having one on one appointments with undergraduate students. Directing these meetings and collaborating with students from different backgrounds and majors have made me more comfortable connecting with others on an individual level. I value the interpersonal and collaborative qualities and skills I have developed at Longwood and know they are the foundation of me becoming an effective counselor.

Despite having the personal qualities and experiences important in training to become a counselor, there are still personal challenges and limitations. For example, I will need to strive for excellence in my academics to ensure I am learning and retaining the correct techniques and methods for counseling others. Although it is sometimes difficult for me to pay attention during long periods of lecturing, I must work on applying myself at all times. Another struggle I have is ensuring I am using the correct theories for each client. Learning so many theories at once has been a bit overwhelming, especially considering the importance of theories in effective counseling. I have begun to integrate strategies in my academics and schedule to help me overcome these struggles, including taking detailed and color coded notes to keep me attentive during lectures. I believe despite any personal limitations I have related to becoming a counselor, I have the determination needed to overcome them.