Do I need an appointment?

Due to high demand, the Writing Center (WC) strongly encourages students to make an appointment online at https://longwood.mywconline.com/

Walk-ins are certainly welcome if a consultant is available.

What should I bring?

  • The assignment sheet, course syllabus, any other relevant instructions
  • Your notes and source materials
  • All work you’ve done on the paper up to that point – including earlier drafts if you’ve already made some revisions
  • Your laptop and charger (not required, but encouraged)

What does the Writing Center do?

  • Assists writers with developing the best work they are capable of producing
  • Listens to writers and treat them with respect
  • Works with writers at every level, from those who struggle with writing to those who write well but want to get informed feedback on their work
  • Helps writers organize their thoughts
  • Talks with writers about their goals for writing and about what their readers expect
  • Assists writers in planning: selecting and defining a topic, brainstorming, evaluating sources, and so on.
  • Helps writers learn to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own writing
  • Focuses on writers and their writing skills rather than just on a particular paper
  • Encourages writers to think about the processes involved in writing
  • Provides writing resources and guidance in their use
  • Sends a report of your visit to your instructor

What doesn’t the Writing Center do?

  • Proofread a writer’s paper or comb it for grammatical errors
  • Estimate a grade for a piece of writing
  • Read a paper without the writer present
  • “Look over” a paper for the first time just minutes before it is due
  • Guarantee a particular grade on a paper
  • Help with a take-home exam without written permission from the instructor