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Rhetorical Criticism – Final Reflective Blog Post

English 301: Rhetorical Criticism was one of the three English classes that I took this semester at Longwood University. I had it expected to be like my other English classes and that we would be doing a lot of reading … Continue reading

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Post #8: Media-Centered Perspective

I am going to be analyzing the TV show Gilmore Girls through the media-centered perspective with a focus on the dramatistic perspective. Rhetorical Situation  Gilmore Girls was a 2000s comedy TV show that was set in a Connecticut town, Stars Hollow. … Continue reading

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Post #7: Feminist Perspective

Ocean’s 8 Rhetorical Situation Released in 2018, Ocean’s 8 became a movie that helped women to feel like they are capable of anything. It is an American heist comedy that stars well known actresses like Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Ocean’s 8 is … Continue reading

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Post #6: Neo-Marxist Perspective

The Hunger Games Rhetorical Situation  “The Hunger Games” is a movie about what was once North America. It is set far into the future and North America is now separated into 12 districts that is maintained by the Capital of … Continue reading

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Hey there!

Welcome to Grace Girdley’s Rhetorical Criticism Blog! Click on a post under the “Recent Posts” menu to dive into some different collections of thoughts.

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