Post #7: Feminist Perspective

Ocean’s 8

Rhetorical Situation

Released in 2018, Ocean’s 8 became a movie that helped women to feel like they are capable of anything. It is an American heist comedy that stars well known actresses like Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Ocean’s 8 is about a heist that took 5 years to plan and will require a specific team of 8 women to be executed. The plan was created by Debbie Ocean, sister of Danny Ocean, when she was in prison due to trusting a man that turned his back on her. The target of the heist is a necklace that is worth more than $150 million dollars and it will take place at the Met Gala in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Describe & Interpret – Liberal Feminist Perspective

The analysis of this movie works well with the Liberal Feminist Perspective because it involves women working in a traditionally male dominated area. When most people think of heists and criminals they usually assume it is males who are involved. This is because these are “dangerous” territories that people assume women would never dabble in due to how women are seen as “fragile” and “innocent.” Ocean’s 8 completely turns this assumption around when staring an all female cast to play the roles of the heist team. These women also work in “women-dominated” areas outside of the heist. Some of the jobs of the women consisted of fashion designer, stay at home mom, and movie stars. Having these more feminine jobs, but being able to complete a heist gives off a message of how ALL women are capable of being big and bad.

A specific scene that really captures the idea of women being able to be a part of a male dominated area is when Debbie Ocean is going through a department store and finds a way to steal a bunch of items and then finds her way into a hotel room that she does not have to pay for. These kind of actions are very atypical for women because of the calculation that is involved and how it is very risky. Debbie Ocean uses this to her advantage by pretending to be this innocent women who is just shopping and doing mundane things.

Potential Implications 

This movie helps women to feel empowered and it teaches them to empower other women.  Throughout the movie you will notice that the women never belittle each other. They may get angry or agitated, but they never follow the stereotypical roles of cat fighting and making the other women feel beneath them. A review by Roger Bert says, “Ocean’s 8 is about the power of women standing up for themselves, sticking with each other and making the impossible happen.” This movie had quite the impact it intended. It showed how women can be powerful without tearing down those around them.



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2 Responses to Post #7: Feminist Perspective

  1. Rachael Poole says:

    This is a really good analysis of Ocean’s 8 and you chose the appropriate feminist perspective for it. I like how you gave a critic review to help further your point about the implications of the text because that further validates what you’re saying. I also agree that this movie is all about female empowerment and showcases that in a really funny way. This is really well-written and gave thoughtful insight.

  2. Sara Holdsworth says:

    I think this would be a really interesting topic for your 2nd essay. Especially talking about how the characters retain their femininity while they are doing these things that are “typically male”. They aren’t trying to be like men (as in dress like them or act like them) but they are preforming tasks that they normally do.

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