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16 May 2020

Longwood Alumni

Posted by Rachael Wiseman. Comments Off on Longwood Alumni

Hello! It’s me again, Rachael Pryor (formally Rachael Wiseman). As of today, May 16th 2020, I am officially a Longwood alumni. I am so thankful for everything that Longwood has given me during my years there. I am looking forward to the future now including job hunting and continuing my growth and development as an educator.

10 Feb 2019

Introductory Statement

Posted by Rachael Wiseman. Comments Off on Introductory Statement

Hi, I’m Rachael Wiseman. I am currently in my second semester of my junior year at Longwood University. I am studying Health and Physical Education. I’m looking forward to teaching our younger generations the importance of staying active, healthy, and happy. During my free time, I enjoy working out, doing yoga, hiking, reading, and EATING.

6 Feb 2019

Hello world!

Posted by Rachael Wiseman. Comments Off on Hello world!

Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!