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I have been extremely motivated to be physically active and healthy since my childhood. I believe that being healthy and happy are two of the most important things in an individual’s life. As a college student, studying to be a health and physical education teacher, I take pride in my teaching philosophy.

Health is a combination of mental and physical well-being that is tailored to fit each individual. Regardless of an individual’s background, it is important that health educators motivate students to not only meet their basic needs in life but strive to reach their highest potential. Physically, I want to know that students understand how to properly fuel their bodies with the appropriate nutrients and I want to see that they are motivated to be physically active. Mentally, I want to see that students are always improving their decision-making skills and setting time aside to do activities or hobbies that appeal to them. Finally, I want to see that students are satisfied with their occupational, spiritual, environmental, and social well-being. I strongly believe that individuals of any age, race, or gender must focus on emotional health just as much as their physical health.

My teaching philosophy is a blend between cognitive based, freeing and functioning, and decision-making. Students are constantly faced with scenarios in which they are forced to make important decisions. Encouraging students to live a healthy lifestyle begins with making decisions. In order to influence students which decisions are appropriate, we must supply them with the facts and skills that they can explore a variety of ideas to find what best fits their individuality. Using substance abuse as an example, students should be able to identify the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol on their health. Because students come from a variety of backgrounds, it is important to provide a range of interventions tailored to individual choices that will be valuable to each student. Students should also be prepared to face and conquer situations that could potentially lead to substance abuse.

To apply my philosophy, I must be prepared to adapt for any different situation that may come my way. It is important that I assess my students to evaluate knowledge levels to better prepare the content delivery. Regardless of a student’s home life, I want to be a mentor who can present them with the necessary facts, apply diverse activities to accommodate individual needs, and educate them to make healthy decisions to improve their life long health.

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