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Behavior Management

Behavior Management Plan

Student: Johnny    


  1. 1. Student Training: Before this program is implemented, Johnny will assist in program development. Before program changes are made, Johnny will be told why the changes are needed and be asked for his input.  A written behavior contract should be developed which clearly states the expected behavior and both the positive and negative consequences.
  2. 2. Staff Training: Staff responsible will be instructed on the individualized behavior management plan before Johnny is placed in a teacher’s class. The staff members will consist of teachers, paraprofessionals, aids, principals, and parents. Each staff member will have a meeting with the student to discuss the individualized behavior management before Johnny is placed in teacher’s class. Johnny will be aware of all of the expectations, requirements, and consequences involved with his individualized behavior plan. Each individual staff member will also be aware and ensure that Johnny is aware of the expectations, requirements, and consequences involved with individualized behavior plan.

Objective: Johnny will follow teacher directions 85% of the time within one minute following no more than two requests from the teacher.

Behavior(s) to increase: Following a specific behavioral request (e.g., “Please start working on dribbling a soccer ball” or “Please stay at station,” Johnny will respond by; beginning on the activity within twenty seconds of the initial request and demonstrate learned social skills.

Precision Requests: All requests to be complied with should follow the listed steps:

  1. The teacher explains the compliance program and its consequences before the procedure is started.
  2. In making a request of Johnny, it should be a direct statement and not a question. For example, “Please, remain in your station until you have dribbled the soccer ball around the cones”
  3. C. Following the initial request, Johnny should be given 5 seconds to comply with the request.
  4. The teacher waits 5 seconds after making the request and does not interact with Johnny during this time. The teacher can be out of Johnny’s visibility for this to relieve any stress or pressure that Johnny feels.


  1. If Johnny complies, he should be reinforced from the following reinforcement plan (How he chooses to respond to teacher requests will determine time on next day that he has to spend doing activity of his choice, “In-focus time (IFT).  During alternative educational placement a minimum of no less than 10 minutes per week will be provided to Johnny):

Eye contact and verbally agreeing to begin to request = 5 minutes added to IFT

Remaining quiet and beginning request = 3 minutes added to IFT

Beginning the request but inappropriate verbal/nonverbal behaviors = 1-minute IFT

Added time per week should not exceed 20 minutes.

  1. If Johnny does not comply within 5-10 seconds, a second request is given with the signal word “need” (such as, “Now I need you to go to station and start working.”).

If Johnny refuses to acknowledge the request, he will have free time taken away to participate in the request (dribbling a soccer ball)

  1. If Johnny begins to comply, he should be verbally reinforced with short verbal praise, e.g., “thank you” or “that’s great”.  Keep it short.  Too much talk will increase the likelihood of negative interaction. It is extremely important that students receive positive reinforcement when they behave appropriately

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