Response to my Letter to Senior Self

Life has been pretty good to me over the last few years, if 2022 was ignored given how sick Caitlin and I got, and needing to move out of our apartment for a bug infestation. Our GPA has gotten higher, it is now a 3.68. Good job! Yeah, we got through all of those classes, but we aren’t in Biology anymore. We changed our majors to Computer Science, and took a Cyber Security Minor. I found a job on campus at the Help Desk, working as a Student Support Technician. I just did my Study Away in the Summer of 2022. I went to Yellowstone National Park, and loved every minute. I cannot wait to go back again. Yeah, we aren’t going to pharmacy school. Sorry about getting excited about that. It wasn’t our place in society. I appreciate you believing in me, and you will be hearing from me again in a few years.

  • Senior-Level Jacob