CTZN 410 Reflection

CTZN 410 with Professor Dolence was one of the most fun classes that I have taken during my 4 years at Longwood. I learned new skills that I didn’t even know I could have, and learned how to go about starting a new product or business. My fiance, Caitlin, and our best friend, John, started development on an app called MoldyCheese. This app allows you to scan in your food items and will alert you when it is nearing expiry and will reccomend recipes using the food that you have available. We quickly learned that developing an app was going to be much harder, let alone marketing it to the public. We created a prototype of the app that had both a graphical interface and allowed for notifications to be sent. This was simultaneously one of the most fun classes and one of the most challenging since it was so different from any classes that I have taken previously. Honestly, this class felt like one of the only civitae classes that actually prepared me for realistic life situations, as well as one of the only enjoyable ones. Professor Dolence was a fantastic professor as well, but I unfortunately could not take another class with him due to needing another course for my minor that was at the same time.