Music Babbler – Professional Development

For my professional development, I have been working on a project under the guidance of Dr. Robert Marmorstein in creation of a program that can generate music from a given input text. We are still currently working on the babbler, but we are nearing completion. This program was written in Python 3, and has only a couple hundred lines of code, but this is my first time writing an extensive Python program. Learning this new language has been the biggest challenge for me, but I have been slowly been making it work over the last 6 months of working on this. This project would not have taken as long as it has if I hadn’t taken Operating Systems, I could have been done with this at the start of the Fall semester. However, I will not dwell on that. A large portion of this project has been learning how to read sheet music and translating the music from two books provided by Marmorstein into a more readable and easier text for our program to parse. This new notation style that we designed is heavily influenced by ABC notation, which has been used primarily for folk and bluegrass music.