My Resume

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To whom it may concern,

I am a college student upon graduation this coming May with bilingual fluencies (English and Spanish) experience as a classroom aide; certifications in First Aid, CPR W!SE Certification, Customer Service Professional; and a love for working with children of all ages. These qualifications make me well-suited for any opportunity to fill a teaching position.

In high school, I took the Virginias Teachers for Tomorrow (VTFT) course earning a guaranteed teaching position upon graduation from college. In the past three years of college I have completed a practicum in the Suffolk school system and have gotten involved at the local elementary school in Farmville coaching Girls on the Run. I gained experience working with students with different needs and learning differences within the classroom setting, and engaged young learners in activities to optimize their understanding of lessons presented.

I am motivated to become a professional educator and am working hard to continue bettering my resume fulfilling my goal as an aspiring teacher.

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In my time at Longwood thus far I feel that the courses listed below are what have helped me most in developing as an expert in my minor. My minor is children’s literature and I feel strongly that these courses have provided me with valuable information that has made me an expert up to this point. English 150 sets the base for my minor, it is the course that teaches you the fundamentals. English 400 does the same however in a more appropriate setting for which you plan to be in after you graduate. It has students writing for appropriate audiences in a formal setting. English 380 and 384 take it a step further and deal with specific issues in literature for children and young adults. These courses have you read the novels we as future educators have our students read and to understand deeply the meaning behind the text. Education 245 also played a huge role in my minor because it taught of different stages of development in a child’s life. I feel as though reading and writing are great tools that can be used to engage those heathy minds throughout their early/young development.

  • English 150- Writing and Research
  • English 400- Written Discourse
  • English 380- Children’s Literature
  • English 483- Writing: Theory and Practice
  • English 384- Diversity in Lit Young Readers
  • Education 245- Human Growth and Development

Data analysis

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The data I chose to represent displays the general demographics for the census in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I chose to look at this particular set of data because I am from Virginia Beach and plan to move back home after graduation and teach in the public school system. I feel as though one should have a good understand of the demographics that make up the city in which they live. Especially when working for the city!

To display the data I chose a pie graph. After cleaning up the data I just felt as if this was the best way to represent it. The numbers are not significant enough to see a huge difference on a bar or line graph.



About School Safety

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Welcome to my Longwood Blog! 

For those who do not know me I’m currently an education major at Longwood. I have been very passionate about education since a young age and have always seen myself being a teacher. In high school I took a student internship course called Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow. I applied for a scholarship and won a guaranteed teaching position in the Virginia Beach public school system. Coming to Longwood has definitely reassured my passion to teach. With that being said,  I find it very important to keep up with current events relating to changes or incidences in the public school system.  In recent years teachers, in public school systems, safety has been at risk in the classroom. Most public schools are drug free and gun free zones. However with the rise in school shootings I feel that teachers should be allowed a source of protection not only for themselves but for students. A recent article in the New York Times discusses how Texas education secretary is examining “whether to allow states to tap the school enrichment fund for another purpose: guns.” While this may undermine congress I believe that if teachers have the right training it can be successful. Doing so will assures student and teacher safety and hopefully reduce the amount of school shooting incidences.