Minimum Disciplines Requirement

Minimum Disciplines Requirement is needed to graduate.

The first class I took that fulfilled this requirement is an introduction to Philosophy 200. This class really challenged my mind, I had to look at things a little differently then I am used to. We learned about different philosophers in different time periods. But the main question he posed to us was what is life and who can tell you what is what. He asked us multiple times if anything in life was real or are we making it up. Below is my final were we had to extract an argument and decided what form they used for the argument.


The second class I took that fulfilled the requirement was Math 171, statistics. This class was definitely difficult but we learned about the probability anyone will do anything. We learned about the use of numbers and stats and how they can be very useful in everyday life.

Math Project#1

The third class I had to take to finalize the requirements was Sociology in Practice 200. I took this class in High school but it was a very enlighting class as we learned about society and its unspoken rules.