Foundation Level

The Foundation Level is required for all freshman to complete.

My CTZN class which was one of the requirements of the foundation level was on sustainability. I learned how the dining hall has a compound, or how we recycle a lot of things on this campus. We even have a team of students who work on ways Longwood could become more eco-friendly. What I focused on in this class is how much water we use on campus and the use of water bottle friendly water fountains. It was kind of shocking how little water bottle friendly water fountains we have on this campus compared to regular water fountains. I had to talk and interview a lot of people to get my information because not a lot of colleges are water friendly. Below is my final project for the class displaying all of my research and any information gathered over the semester.

FACT_SHEET_TEMPLATE (1)2      and    Presentation1

The second requirement to fulfill the foundation level was English 165 which I completed when I was in high school. It was an intense but fun writing class.