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Movement in the Classroom

Kinesthetic learning, in my opinion, is a vital way of teaching students in the classroom. There are different styles of learning, but statistically, more students learning through movement. Within those movements they are not only learning they are having fun. If students get up out of there seats and move around, while interacting with other students as well, they are not only learning what the teaching is trying to express but getting in practice within that subject. I know if I learn some sort of hand movement, dance, or even rhythmic beat to a subject I’ll be more likely to remember it rather than writing down notes from a powerpoint. If students are board in the classroom they’re less likely to pay attention or even participate. If they are up and moving they are more likely to be engaged and have fun with the teacher and their fellow students. No only are they learning but they are also building up social skills and become more active then sedentary. Having movement in the classroom is also another way to assess students on what they have learning from the subject in the classroom. Every subject within education can use movement if the teacher is willing to create such lesson plans. History can have maps on the floor and students can move around them, within science students can act out the states of matter, students can use grouping methods for adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing in their math classes, and even english where students can act out a story. There are so many ways to utilize movement within your classroom no madder what the grade level.



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