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I have switched my major multiple times since I’ve been at Longwood University. All have been associated with Education and in the field of Mathematics. I’ve always wanted to be a Math Teacher and a lot of professors have told me I have the passion for it, my grades just don’t show it because I don’t test well. A good handful of courses I have taken, though a good majority of them don’t count towards me degree anymore but I have learned a lot in them. Whether they count of not, they have all been really useful to me and I’ve learned a lot of what to do and use within my classroom. Most of my upcoming math courses I’ll be taking in the spring, summer, and fall are all for my minor. I’ve finally decided, and I’m going to finish my degree with an major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Mathematics.


Relevant Courses
Mathematics Course Number Title Education Course Number Title
Math 309 Numeration Systems Education 245 Human Growth and Development
Math 313 Geometry and Reasoning Education 260 Intro to Teaching Profession
Math 164 Pre-Calculus Kinesiology 389 Health and Physical Education Classroom Teacher
Math 175 Discrete Mathematics Special Education 389 Survey of Exceptional Children
Math 430 Teaching Math Middle School
Math Education 152 Principles Secondary Education Math
Math 261 Differen and Int Calculus I
 Math 280  Linear Algebra


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