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Census Data

I used American FactFinder and I looked up my Zip Code in then Henrico Area of Richmond Virginia. I’m studying to be a teacher so I thought it would be interesting to find the data on School Enrollment. Like I predicted, it’s about the same going through regular grade school. The number of student going from grades 1-12 relatively stay around the same amount of students. What surprised me though is that it also stays around the relative amount of student when they go off to college. I was raised in the Henrico area so I’ve been going through the same Henrico school system ever since Kindergarten. I didn’t know a lot of people that went off to college. I guess they are counting community college with that as well which is totally understandable.

Another thing I find interesting is that there are more college students then there are graduate students. From the looks of it, more students just rather get through their basic college career and then move on with they life and work on the job they want. Not a lot of people go off to get their masters in the major they finished with in college. It’s just interesting because nowadays a lot of jobs prefer the applicant to have a masters and will most likely choose the person who has obtained a masters over than just the college graduate.

By looking at the data below, it’s interesting to find that more kids attend grade school more than they do college and graduate school. It’s upsetting to think that a lot of students after high school don’t go to college right after. Though, it’s definitely more reasons than one that that’s the case. Though, if teachers could make a difference for their students, that could possible solve some problems with students mindset possibly. Doing so, could raise those college percentiles.


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