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I am a Liberal Studies major with a Mathematics minor and an I ┬ájust finished my Algebra I endorsement. I’ve always had the leadership role since I was young. Tutoring in mathematics had been my speciality since high school. My high school math teachers always used me as their class tutor whenever we had a test to big quiz coming up and he knew some of the other students needed extra help. I would also go into on particular teachers classroom, Derek Podolny, during my free period every year till I graduated and helped him in his classes. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and mathematics just sort of stuck to me in high school.

I took a leadership role within the Longwood Company of Belly Dance for the past year and a half. I started out a secretary, taking attendance and being in charge of emails and keeping everyone on track. I only kept that for a semester because my biggest dream within the company was to be beginner coordinator. This positive entails teaching beginner of the company the basic movements of belly dance then, choreographing with the other beginner coordinator, we’d teach the beginners a song they would preform at the end of each semester with the rest of the company. I had this position for a solid year and throughout enjoyed it. My first semester in this position I had seven beginners then last semester I had about thirty beginners. On top of that within the company, every year I choreograph a group dance. Since my freshman year I have been choreographing one to three dances semester ranging from solos to group dances as big as twelve people.

As for work experience, I got a job as soon I was able to. I picked up a job at the Country Club of Virginia for five years. Three of those years I was a waitress and hostess in the Grill and Pool Side during the summer. Once I was able to, I applied for the Play Center that was still in the same facility. I became a babysitter and camp counselor for two years. After that I started working at Macado’s to make a little extra money while I was in college. Finally, I decided that I needed a more interesting, hands on, and people job. I got the Lifeguard job at Kings Dominion and learned a lot more about First Aid more than I had ever before. I’m hoping to go back next summer since I’ll still be at Longwood for an extra semester.


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