Study Abroad Summer 2019

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Letter to my Senior Self

Dear Senior Maddie,

Well four years later, I hope you figured somethings out for yourself. Have your job and career mapped out to some extent. Things will fall into place, don’t rush yourself. Still running strong and hopefully healthy. Don’t get caught up looking for a boyfriend, focus on yourself and make sure that you’re happy first. Volunteer when you can, make a difference. Focus on setting a good example for those around you. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher. Graduation is just around the corner, enjoy your final moments at Longwood. Enjoy looking back and reflecting on all your college memories.

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Citizen 110

This was a very interesting course. I required me to look at politics a bit differently. However I did enjoy learning from a different point of view about things that continue to affect our country. I have attached one of the few things that we wrote. The assignment was to write about the correlation between bodies and citizens.

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History 222

This class was centered around history from 1977 to present. It was very interesting look at things that happened in our life time and things that led to those things. One of the most significant things we learned about was 9/11. This continues to affect us greatly today. We didn’t do much writing. This course was very annotating and reading heavy. Attached is my final project which covers women in society.

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English 165

I really enjoyed this English class. Although I’ve never been a super strong writer, Professor Haffner gave us the tools to become more successful writers. One of my favorite assignments was we were given a postcard. We were expected to write five different entries on the picture on the front. This was a bit challenging because it required you to look deeper. This later helped when digging deeper into research. Attached I have included my final exam. For this exam, we were suppose to reflect on our writing. I found this very helpful to see how I progressed over the semester.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Longwood Blog!

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