The Common Good Project was definitely one of my favorite assignments throughout the semester. Before this class, I had never really done a project that addressed a social issue in order to advocate change. My groups issue was suicide prevention which I learned more about the more work I did with this project. I learned about how serious of an issue suicide is among colleges and how the problem is not coming from individuals, rather it is coming from the counselors not addressing the issue with the attention that it needs. For my part, I was in charge of getting interviewees, interviewing them, and putting the video together. I found that at first it was easy to get volunteers to interview because the issue was so important, but became frustrating because people would take away their consent at the last minute because they became nervous or scared about the interview. Those who I could interview, I interviewed on my camera and put them on my computer where I then edited and made the video through iMovie. I was able to incorporate titles, subtitles, different slides, and music which I eventually took out because it was distracting for viewers. I also learned how to cut and trim clips to what was important and relevant for our project. After doing hours of video editing, I was at a challenge because wix which was what we were making our website through did not support iMovie. Then, I had to learn how to upload my movie onto YouTube and then upload that video onto wix. Overall, I had fun doing this project and it was a creative way to learn more about a topic my group was passionate about and make a difference within our community.