The Rhetorical Analysis gave me a great opportunity to explore the course outcomes by actively engaging in them through writing this paper. My topic was on a USA Gymnastics physician, Larry Nassar, who had been sexually abusing young gymnasts for much of their life and never got caught until they were in adulthood. It was a huge court case and many different perspectives were brought into the court room such as his victims, parents, coaches, USA Gymnastics, and several schools that had been involved with Nassar. This paper was the first time I really used different types of formatting. In this paper, I learned how to create different sections within my paper by creating unique titles and subtitles as well as how to incorporate pictures in my paper to make it more appealing. I also learned how to properly use in-text citations through MLA. During class, we had a peer review session which helped me to improve my own paper and allowed me to know how to better analyze my paper. I was able to look for grammar, formatting, and the context of my paper better. I was also able to apply materials learned in class, such as the three appeals and the rhetorical situation. Overall, I think I did a good job on this rhetorical analysis, but one thing I could definitely improve on is paying more attention to my grammar and learning more about what is grammatically correct in a paper or a sentence.