Consult a PDF version of the Curriculum Handbook: Curriculum Handbook 2023
(approved 8/22/2023)
Approval process for all changes to the Undergraduate and Graduate curriculum: Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Approval Processes Matrix
(approved 9/20/2022)
Approval process for other curriculum policy/procedure changes: Academic Policy Approval Processes Matrix
(approved 9/20/2022)
Guidelines for SCHEV new program proposals: SCHEV Proposal Guidelines
Academic Initiatives Planning Checklist: Academic Initiatives Planning Checklist
Guidelines related to off-campus instructional locations: Criteria and Procedures for Establishing Off-Campus Locations
The list of active off-campus locations: Active Off-Campus Instructional Sites (SACSCOC), sorted by City
Syllabus Guidelines: Longwood syllabus requirements
(updated 7/19/2018)
Catalogs: Current catalog
(Archived Catalogs)
Course Fee Recommendation Sheet: Fee Recommendation Sheet
(to be uploaded with proposals as an information item to EPC; requires a different approval process)
Curriculog Guides: Curriculog Originators
Curriculog Approvers
Curriculog Committee Members