General Academic Policy: New and Change

Proposals for changes to existing academic policies (those policies typically located in the Academic Regulations section of the University catalogs) should be submitted by filling out the General Academic Proposal/Policy Cover Sheet (on Curriculog) and attaching any relevant documentation.

The completed proposal form must include the following:

  • Committee(s) that authored or sponsored the proposal
  • Background information describing the origins of the proposal, the nature of the problem which it addresses, and the work completed to devise the proposal
  • Summary of the new policy or proposed changed or deletions to an existing policy
  • Rationale for the policy or proposed changes
  • Appropriate signature lines

All proposals for new or changes to general academic policies are to be submitted to the Senate Executive Committee for consideration. The Senate Executive Committee will then refer the proposal to the appropriate committee for initial consideration or present the proposal to the Faculty Senate. It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Faculty Senate to advise the originator of the proposal of its status and location.

Source: Curriculum Development Handbook.