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Foundations of Western Civilization

I took HIST 100- Foundations of Western Civilization in the Fall semester of my freshman year. The subject material covered the span from the beginning of time to the turn of the 20th century.  As you could imagine, it was extremely hard for my science-wired brain to grasp the significance of all these events and names that we were expected to learn. Overall, I performed decently in this class, and learned many lessons during my time here. Firstly, I learned how to properly study for a college-level course. After many attempts at winging quizzes, I had to adapt and actually study the material; something I was not used to in high school. I also learned patience, because that class was extremely hard to sit through for me and, at times, I had to will myself to pay attention.

Below is the final paper I had to write for this class. I ended up getting a pretty good grade on it, which I was proud of. Overall, I felt that I learned a lot from this class.