About Honors

The Cormier Honor’s College of Longwood University is home to many aspiring scholars from around the nation. I am happy to be able to include myself within this group; and through community, scholarship, and service  I hope to change the world for the better in every way that I  possibly can.


Before I was invited to the Cormier Honor’s College at Longwood University, I heard from many people that the members of this organization act and envelop what it means to be a community. As my time here at Longwood has increased, I find this sentiment to be true, and I couldn’t be happier to be …


Here at Longwood University, scholarship is one of the main components that sets us apart from others.  This is especially true amongst the members of the Cormier Honor’s College. We pride ourselves in our excellent ability to perform well in academia, but also have the social skills to succeed in the public sphere. Through our …


Service is also one of the key aspects that the Cormier Honor’s College uses to set its members apart from the crowd. I, personally, have volunteered at many locations that aim to serve their environment. Some of these include food shelters, deaf-awareness events, cleaning debris from streets, and helping take care of local shelter animals.