Do I need an appointment?

  • Due to high demand, the Writing Center strongly encourages students to make an appointment online at longwood.mywconline.com
  • Walk-ins are certainly welcome if a consultant is available.

What should I bring?

  • The assignment sheet, course syllabus, any other relevant instructions
  • Your notes and source materials
  • All work you’ve done on the paper up to that point – including earlier drafts if you’ve already made some revisions
  • Your laptop and charger (not required, but encouraged)

What happens if I’m late or can’t make an appointment anymore?

  • If you can’t make an appointment then please cancel ASAP so other students can utilize that time slot.
  • If you do not show up by 5 minutes after a 25-minute appointment or 10 minutes after a 50-minute appointment then a Writing Center consultant will cancel it for you.

What does the Writing Center do?

  • Assists writers with developing the best work they are capable of producing
  • Listens to writers and treat them with respect
  • Works with writers at every level, from those who struggle with writing to those who write well but want to get informed feedback on their work
  • Helps writers organize their thoughts
  • Talks with writers about their goals for writing and about what their readers expect
  • Assists writers in planning: selecting and defining a topic, brainstorming, evaluating sources, and so on.
  • Helps writers learn to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own writing
  • Focuses on writers and their writing skills rather than just on a particular paper
  • Encourages writers to think about the processes involved in writing
  • Provides writing resources and guidance in their use
  • Sends a report of your visit to your instructor

What doesn’t the Writing Center do?

  • Proofread a writer’s paper or comb it for grammatical errors
  • Estimate a grade for a piece of writing
  • Read a paper without the writer present
  • “Look over” a paper for the first time just minutes before it is due
  • Guarantee a particular grade on a paper
  • Help with a take-home exam without written permission from the instructor
  • Write papers for students and do the work for them

Am I allowed to utilize the coffee and toys in the Writing Center? 

  • Students are always welcome to have a cup of coffee or tea in the center. If you aren’t sure how to work the coffee machine or it is empty then just notify a Writing Center consultant and they will happy to help you.
  • The toys are also available to be used by anyone who utilizes the Center. They are there if need something to fidget with to help calm your nerves during your appointment.