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Introduction to Social Inequality and Difference was a very important class which spoke about the issues which go on within society not only from a race standpoint but as well talks about gender and disability. This taught me how to look at everything differently because everyone is different but that does not make them any less or their issues any less. As well, the Race and Racism course I took showed me how there are certain issues which are targeted at specific groups and how this can be majorly overlooked by society and the things people do. Modern Social Problems looked at all problems within sociology as a whole but as well looks at the different types of inequality at all social levels.

Race is a very impactful issue in society and has been for centuries. This is something which is often overlooked by society and often provides issues within not only society but between individuals. Although yes, it was something which I did think about, I did not think about it from an academic standpoint and looking through facts and issues within society that effect racism as well as what racism effects. It gives me a better perspective of how to help others with the issues which society presents to them although I may have not lived them or something similar.

Class is a very important thing within the social system for this is how society functions. Although it is something which I have looked at in the past, the class introduction to social inequality and difference showed me every aspect of class and the issues which go on within this. It showed me the differences in the classes and how they rely on one another to function. This as well did not make me look at just my class and the upper class but as well looking at the classes in between and how they function. It as well showed me how to treat certain people based on how circumstances may have effected their lifestyles.

Gender is as well an issue which has been apparent for centuries within society, especially in America. This is something which is not only unequal but has been unequal even after change has been forced upon it. With being a female, there has always been inequality within gender presented within my life but I try not to think about it as much for there is only so much I can do about it. Learning about how these issues effect others has led me to think about the things which can be done as well as carefully choosing what I will do with my life. I have looked at these issues within my Modern Social Problems class and have learned the different issues females face or the issues males face which the other gender may not see.

Disability is often an issue because it does not just look at someone who is physically disabled or mentally disabled visibly but as well others where you may not be able to tell. As well as this, individuals are often looked down upon when they have disabilities or look at themselves differently than what others might. Introduction to social inequality and difference spoke on how disabilities effect everyone differently but they are not just limited to what is viable on the outside but as well on the inside. This as well made me realize how hard it is from a family standpoint as well as a job and financial standpoint and how to properly treat people with specific issues.

Sexuality is an issue which is often presented within society but not something which is a violent thing but as well prevents individuals from living the life they want to live. I learned about this in my modern social problems class and learned about the different issues which individuals deal with when dealing with their sexuality. This is something which can change how an individual lives their lives as well as who they associate with. Not only does this do that but it may affect their job status, family relationships, and relationships with the people around them. This made me look at sexuality differently from a more sociological standpoint rather than personal or just listening to others.

Although taking these courses and seeing the issues which appear in different individuals lives changing my views, this does not effect my career. Although my career of cyber security is looking for females, this defies the gender norms within society and within specific jobs. Within my job and career path, there are not many disparities and inequalities. I chose a job field as well where I would get just as equal of an opportunity than others even with financial situations and academic situations; including gender and ethnicity as well.

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