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Welcome: Get to know me, Sadie Cohen

My name is Sadie Cohen, and I am a freshman at Longwood University and also play field hockey there. I am curious to learn more about digital writing. I want to learn more about it and look at it differently than I do now. I enjoy studying about teaching not only myself but the next …

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LifeHack Critique: How to stay healthy in 2022 without letting diets get to your head and working your body too hard

A big part of everyones New year resolutions every year is to stay healthy whether that be to diet or workout. In reality you can’t have a good diet without working out and you can’t “look healthy” without a good diet. Diets these days can be ridiculous with calorie count and telling you what you …

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Product comparison: Adidas vs New Balance Turf shoes

REview: Gym shark athletic clothing brand

As someone who works out everyday and plays field hockey for a living, what I am wearing plays a huge roll in my performance. Working out has really impacted the world since COVID hit because people wanted to find something to do while quarantined. Because of the spike in working out, workout clothes because a …

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All of my life I have had the greatest experiences to travel all around the world. I am very blessed to have a well off family who loves to experience new places and make many memories. With that being said, I’ve had many great traveling experiences. One travel experience that has really stuck with me …

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