Welcome: Get to know me, Sadie Cohen

My name is Sadie Cohen, and I am a freshman at Longwood University and also play field hockey there. I am curious to learn more about digital writing. I want to learn more about it and look at it differently than I do now. I enjoy studying about teaching not only myself but the next generation. I love to learn all the knowledge I can so I can use it to teach myself and others around me. My major here at Longwood is Criminal Justice and my minor is Psychology. I am aspiring to be a Criminal Psychologist. I aspire to work in the FBI or one of those fields and use my degree to better those around me. My mother is a Psychotherapist so I know some about the field of psychology and cannot wait to learn more. My mom also used her degrees to work in law enforcement for 14 years so I hope to make her proud by working in a similar field as her. By being around someone my whole life who has worked with some of the people I hope to work with someday, it helps me see first hand at what my career is going to look like. I see this class helping me with my writing and understand technology better, because I know I will be using both of those a lot in my future career.