Post #8: Rhetoric about Issues


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For this post I will continue evaluating the Bridge Children’s Academy Facebook page. The page can be found at this link:

Rhetorical Situation:
  1. Exigencies: A few challenges in the preschool’s rhetorical situation might be the controversies of having overweight teachers, the programs are not educational, and that some teachers may not be as loving towards children. The Bridge Children’s Academy has to oppose these common misconceptions are show their organization as educational, loving, and healthy. Their Facebook page successfully showcasing this by taking the opportunity to share images of teachers interacting with the children in playful and educational activities. For example, there are images of teachers playing with the children outside in a giant water slide, but there are also educational and healthy activities where the children are making applesauce.
  2. Audiences: The organization targets their functional audience of the currant parents. If the organization were using the website to attract new families than they would have information pertaining to prices and programs. Instead, it currently has a laid back feel and gives updates on what the children are doing. This is important to currant families because they are interested in what their children are doing.
  3. Constraints and Assets: The organization is constrained by their Facebook page. The Facebook page gives limited information and it is not ideal to scroll throughout the page in hopes of maybe find this information. It would be much easier for the organization to give information to prospective parents, if they had a website. I do not think time is a constraint for this organization unless a major issue arises that causes families to either not want to join the daycare, or want to leave. Any major news can either be a constrain or an asset to the organization. If the daycare is closing early one night, then families will not be happy and the organization will have to know how to handle the situation. However, if the preschool decides to give all the children new book bags then the parents will be thrilled. Many people have prior opinions about preschools, some believe that the children will be mistreated and ignored. The organization has to showcase their programs and teachers positively. They do this in the image at the top of the teacher and students making applesauce. The teacher is smiling which gives off a friendly appeal. Also, the children are surrounding her so they must like her.


  1. A particular issue the organization commented on was the impending weather. The organization portrays itself as taking cautionary measures to insure the children are safe, and that they are waiting for officials to notify them when it is safe to return to normal activities.
  2. Parents are notified of changes and they can comment on the posts. The organization does not openly ask for feedback. However, when a parent made a suggestion concerning their “remind” app, the organization agreed. So audiences have a reasonable opportunity to influence the process.
  3. Another issue the organization mentioned was the July 2018 Virginia outbreak of hand foot and mouth. The Bridge Children’s Academy shared an article concerning the disease, but the organization did not make any statements. When asked by a parent, the organization stated that they have not had any cases. This could have been stated before hand though. Also, they do not give any tips on how to avoid getting the disease or what they are doing to prevent it.
  4. I think the organization is open about their issues pertaining to closings and phone issues. They are aware that parents might not like the information but they make it clear that these decisions are what is best for the children, parents and staff.